Walker After School Club T/A Walker Children’s Club (WCC) is a children’s charity based in Southgate in London. We have been providing after school and school holiday childcare for 18 years. We have supported many children, families, staff and volunteers since 2003, including supporting children with disabilities and special educational needs.

We, like many others, have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and this has led to us being unable to proceed with all the exciting projects we had begun back in 2020.

Our projects include:

  1. A centre which will provide sensory and communication sessions for children. This project aims to support children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and their families as there is a lack of provision in our borough. It will also be beneficial to all our children as they have had a lot of disruption to their lives, in the past year.
  2. To open a 2nd out of school/holiday club within an Enfield School. Their previous club closed in early 2020, leaving vulnerable families without vital childcare.

Project support required:

  • Pledge Donors are people or businesses who will sign up to make a donation, further down the line, when our Crowdfunding project gets off the ground. You do not need to send any money at this stage. 
  • There is a minimum donation amount of £100 for Pledge donors and the reason we are asking for this is that any pledge promise we get, could be matched by The Champions for Children Charity, meaning your donation could be doubled.
  • The project is rewards based, meaning we can offer rewards for donations when our crowdfunding campaign goes live in June 2021. If you are unable to be a Pledge Donor and could donate a gift of some sort, we can use this to generate more income when our project campaign goes live. Donations can include, gifts, a service you provide, a meal at your restaurant or anything else you may be able to offer. Of course, you can do both!
  • We know it’s a big ask at this difficult time but need to reach as many people as we can. If you cannot donate yourself, you may know of someone who can, helping to make our project a success. Pledges for this project must be received by April 2nd 2021.

With COVID-19 having such a devastating effect on people’s livelihoods, we hope to provide a safe space where parents are confident to leave their children to enable them to work or train. Your donation will also help support us to deliver our service in a COVID-19 safe environment.

Please click here for our pledge donor form and consider supporting us.

Your donation, will go a long way, in supporting us to continue to provide a quality childcare service, benefitting many families in our community.

Thanking you in advance,

Walker Children’s Club