Parent’s comments

This is what the parents said when we asked them what they thought about the Summer Holiday Club:

“Variety. The club offers a range of activities for children – from sport, craft and the opportunity to entertain themselves. These are conducted in parallel so the children have the opportunity to engage in activities that suit their mood – if they want to be active or create or just have a little relax. WCC are particularly strong in the craft department which children love. The activity themes for different days is great so there is always something different for the children to do”

“Very caring staff.”

“Lots of variety of activities. The kids love it.”

“Variety of play. Encouraging more responsibility as the child gets older.”

“Outdoor trips, friendly staff.”

“Well organised with fab range of activities every time. Staff very enthusiastic, friendly and engaged.”

“-provides a timetable in advance -has lots interesting activities”

“Care of new children and their integration”

“Pastoral care of the children is excellent”

“The club is a caring and supportive environment and the club staff are good minders. I am happy leaving my son with them. Activities are well thought out and trips are too.”